What types of family business assistance do we offer?

Our services are geared to business growth and multi-generational success.

Most of the services below are delivered by our expert team, and some in coordination with our nationwide professional network.  When we introduce one of our trusted professionals, Corporate Momentum stays closely connected to the project to ensure that you always receive the same high level of care and attention, no matter what the service.

Marketing Intelligence

It is somewhat surprising how many family-owned businesses miss the opportunity to stay in touch with their market by engaging in arm’s length market intelligence-gathering.  Sometimes, the scale of prior success can, unfortunately, produce a false sense of security.  

The phrase “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations” refers to a successful family business failing by the time it is in the hands of the third generation.  Such failures are attributable to many different causes, but lack of attention to changing market conditions is high in the list.

Competitive Intelligence

As your business grows to state, national and even international proportions, the need to know what your competitors, substitutes, clients and suppliers are likely to do in the next year or the next decade increases dramatically.

Our team have numerous competitive intelligence tools at our disposal to help your family business make the most profitable strategic decisions.

Strategic Planning

With one eye on the family and the other on the business entity, our strategic planning process is centred on developing and exploiting competitive advantage as a key business driver.  We deploy tools to ensure decisions are founded on objective evidence before taking the insights and creating workable, realistic plans that deliver growth and stability to the organisation.  Focusing on competitive advantage and creating value for the organisation and its staff, clients and suppliers means our strategic input creates long-term returns.

Plug-in Marketing Department

Our team constantly produces creative in print, digital, radio, television and other communication platforms.  We are flexible in our service delivery and can act alongside your marketing manager, filling critical team gaps and offering an experienced sounding board or we can be your entire marketing department, from research to planning and execution.

Executive Recruitment

Welcoming a non-family member into a senior role in the business is often a landmark change.  The success of the appointment is a critical pivot point in the evolution of the business.

Our professional network contains recruitment and selection experts who are family-business-focused and understand the special requirements of such an appointment.

On the flipside, appointing family members to senior positions can be just as challenging.  Do they have the requisite skills and emotional IQ to lead their team forward or will they fail?  

Using an external provider like Corporate Momentum can take the emotion out of the choice.  

Our team can assess the readiness of all candidates and make the family’s business decision easier if the family member is not quite ready for the position they are seeking.

Executive Coaching

Sales, Marketing and General Management coaching for executives.  Managers with experience in each discipline help our coaching subjects to better understand, plan and execute their roles in the organization.  Family members in a business get the support they need to grow into their roles faster and more effectively.

Family Charters / Family Constitutions

Working in conjunction with experienced, trusted family business advisors, we can help your family lay or reinforce the foundations for how you manage your business asset(s) at the same time as creating and growing family harmony.  

In a nutshell, a family charter lays out your family’s values, the rights and responsibilities of various family members, and the rules by which potential conflicts will be resolved.  It is used when business decisions have to be made that might otherwise create family disharmony, such as permitting members of a new generation to enter the business or become shareholders.  Because the family charter has been agreed by the family in advance and kept up-to-date over the years, it is less likely that such business decisions will be the source of a rift.

Creating it is a multi-stage journey that must be carefully managed to keep all the family stakeholders engaged and participating in the outcome, otherwise not all family members will have the required emotional connection to give it relevance. 

Succession Planning

There are few more sensitive moments in the evolution of a family business than when generational change takes place.  You are a family first, and a business second, and the corporate entity must not be the cause of a family rift. 

If not carefully managed, what should be the ultimate realisation of your dream can become the very thing that creates distance between the senior generation and its successors.  

Corporate Momentum and advisors from our professional network can help you manage the process (and it is a process, not a single event) so that all stakeholder requirements are met and the family unit remains harmonious.

Please read “When is the right time for succession?” for more information.

Cultural benchmarking and Change Management

Creating and maintaining a successful culture is an important ingredient for family businesses.  We use a proprietary approach to measure the attributes of your current culture and, if it requires intervention, we design and execute a change programme to align it with your family and business values.

Sales Management

We offer several services for businesses that are struggling in the sales department.  Field sales evaluations, sales team management, tender writing, sales collateral development and even interim business development activity.

Interim General Management

For family businesses in periods of change, or a turnaround situation where fast action is required, we can assume interim general management responsibilities and work embedded in your company on a day-to-day basis.  From managing cashflow to operational and strategic issues, we put your business back on stable ground and help you plan for the future.

Operational Improvement

Our team identifies wastage and performance deficiencies in product or service production that can make big differences to profitability.  Productivity change experts from our extended network with service and manufacturing expertise can be called in to create appropriate changes.

HR Advisory 

HR advisory services and solutions for local and national business organisations. By providing expert HR advice and services, our extended team helps to create Employers of Choice.  Skilled team members can help retain key staff or make reducing staff numbers pain-free and in compliance with all relevant legislation.

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