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Stabilise your business, improve profitability and grow again

Has the performance of your business dropped? Are bills taking longer to pay and you’re struggling to hit your goals? Or perhaps you have realised you’re in serious decline?

We can help you fix it.

Sometimes, you can find yourself so entrenched in the day-to-day operations that it’s hard to make objective decisions. It can be difficult to see where and why your business performance has dropped and how you can turn it around.

That’s where Corporate Momentum can help. We’re specialists in business turnaround consulting and have helped many businesses quickly change their circumstances.

First, we will identify where and why money is leaking and immediately stabilise your cash position. Cash outflows will be brought under control and you can use the freed capital and reduced operating expenses to address debt. This will give you the time you need to take the next steps.

Once you’re stable and in a position to raise your sights we will create a 12-18 month growth plan, broken into 30-day tactical activity blocks. This plan will guide you back to regular profitability.

Using a combination of your in-house team and our own, we will partner with you to make long-lasting changes and get you back to a position of market strength.

At all times, you’re in control of how little or how much we execute on your behalf. We can act as advisors only, all the way through to becoming your interim general management, and sales and marketing management team.

Weekly check-ins help keep the plan on track. We will bring new, laser-focused discipline to your business to help it grow.  

The best thing you can do right now is to call us on 1300 36 20 27 and tell us about your situation. We will help.


The first 30 days of turnaround

Inside the first 30 days of working with us we will recommend and help you implement (or carry out on your behalf) many changes designed to arrest cash outflow and give you the time you need to make important decisions. Here’s what we will do.


How to position your organisation for long-term growth

When your business is stable and trading comfortably, it’s time to think about how you can grow beyond previous levels of achievement.  Learn more about our growth methodology.


For straight-talking advice from business turnaround experts, call 1300 36 20 27 or send us an enquiry.