Business exits

Business exits

Multiply the value of your business at exit

If you’re thinking about selling your business, it’s time to create your exit strategy. Even if you have a 3-5 year time frame, it’s best to start planning now to achieve the most successful exit.

Like many of our clients, you’re probably wondering how to convert everything you’ve built so far into a sale price. How do you realise the value of all the effort and money you’ve put in to grow your business over the years?

Our team can help you answer that question.

We quickly get to grips with the current position of your business and identify the gaps between where you are now and your successful exit. We create and then execute a strategy to multiply your sale value, no matter what challenges are present.

Flexibility is one of our prized attributes. We adapt our process to suit every client. If you have only a short timeframe, we can still create a strategy to maximise your sale price.

Experience is another – our team has built and sold businesses over several decades. We know how to prioritise the use of limited resources to achieve the greatest returns and our network of related professionals means we can coordinate every moving part in your exit project.

Our exit strategy and implementation services are the key to capturing and then multiplying your sale value. Let’s talk on 1300 36 20 27.


How can you multiply your business value?

  • Identify and exploit new opportunities.
  • Create competitive advantage.
  • Control cost and waste.
  • Repeatable and increasing profit.

These are the keys to increasing business value. So how do we bring them to life?


What are buyers looking for?

You can sell a business at any time, but you will only achieve your best exit when you sell a money-making machine and/or one with unique opportunities in its market that can be exploited.

A buyer is looking for the evidence of either, and the easier they can see it, the higher your return.


Successful Generational transfer

How can you strike a balance between fair value and family values in a business succession?

Don’t let the pinnacle of your achievements become the start of a family rift. Follow these tips to ensure you create multi-generational wealth, not a family nightmare.

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“Our Corporate Momentum consultant has changed the way we do business. Profits are increasing every month.”

Michael Tyrrell, Managing Director
Bainbridge Technologies

For straight-talking advice from exit strategy experts, call 1300 36 20 27 or send us an enquiry.