Refer with confidence

One of the greatest strengths any consultant or senior executive can possess is an effective network of trusted professionals that can be called-upon to provide specialist expertise.

Our best clients have come from referrals. We receive them because we place integrity and the needs of our clients and referrers above our own.

Corporate Momentum is a consultancy with multiple skillsets.  From executive coaching to becoming a plug-in marketing department, to Sales Management and interim General Management, cost reduction, general recruitment and more, our team has the capacity to deliver exactly what is required.

We are also flexible, in that we match our skills to the needs of our clients and referrers of business.  We are past masters at filling service gaps to complement in-house or external skillsets, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach where a consultant might always seek to assume control.

Where your skill set and ours overlap, but your client or employer requires something you do not offer, you can refer without fear.  If you invite us in, our promise to you is that we will not pitch any services that overlap without your knowledge and full approval.  In this way, your interests are protected at the same time as your client or employer will benefit from our input.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your client or employer.  Please call us on 1300 36 20 27 or fill in this form.

Family Business AdvisorsFamily Business Consultant

Corporate Momentum’s principal consultant is an FBA advisor member. We understand the role of the family business advisor and how closely your family business contacts are held.

It is the ultimate honour to be asked to help one of your clients and we will do so with absolute integrity. We are careful to provide only those services that fall within our proven skillset, to ensure we can deliver a positive result for your clients, every time.

M&A Consultant

Merger and Acquisition Executives

Sometimes you are approached by owners with businesses that are not prepared for sale. Selling such businesses is difficult and the return, both for the business and yourself, is less than optimal.  You can offer some arms-length advice but you do not have the time to invest in correcting their issues.

You can confidently refer a business like this to us, knowing that we will provide the right guidance and hands-on actions to multiply their sale value and shorten the time at market.

Marketing or General ManagersGeneral Manager

Many senior executives mistakenly view external consultants as competitors or an admission of weakness in their skillset. Effective managers, however, see that we exist to complement their strengths and help them deliver on their vision.

We are very happy to be engaged in one-off assignments like research or strategy development, providing critical information and a confidential sounding board for your ideas. Alternatively, we can be trusted to fill temporary gaps in staffing or provide a long-term solution.

We invite you to speak with us about your vision for the company and the challenges you face.


Referrals from our friends in the Accounting sector are most welcome. We offer a range of professional services in marketing and management consulting for your clients. All are focused on profit-building through introducing new business at the top of the funnel or cost reduction through increased operational efficiencies.

One of our accountant referrers recently summed up the value we provide when he said: “you are the real-world implementation of the advice I’ve been giving my clients for years”.


Learn more about the people that make up Corporate Momentum or send us a message through this form.  Phone calls are also welcome on 1300 36 20 27.