Create and pass on a money-making machine

Are you looking to pass on a significant business asset and a legacy of success to your family?

Business successions require two separate focus points: the business unit and the family unit. We combine our expertise with selected members of our professional network to offer pre- and post-succession services that transform family businesses into well-oiled machines capable of producing multi-generational profits. At the same time, we ensure your family is aligned with the business and set to enjoy the proceeds for decades to come.

There is a very special dynamic that powers family businesses.  The dedication of the senior generation to provide a long-term asset to following generations, and the desire of younger family members to live up to the ideals of the founders often means there is a mutual commitment to success.

But communication issues, the preparedness, timing and form of a succession can cause family tension that spills over and affects the business.  Without expert assistance, it can cause lingering resentment, and in the worst cases, self-sabotage of the business asset that manifests as disengagement, poor management, lack of leadership, even theft.

Our business succession team is comprised of Corporate Momentum staff and specialist professionals from our network.  

Corporate Momentum focuses on the transformation of businesses into entities that meet and surpass the vision of the founders, becoming a multi-generational asset for your family, while our specialist consultants help your family navigate potential conflicts, remove tension and manage the business asset for the benefit of all.

If you would like to discuss a comprehensive approach to your family business succession where everyone feels included and the business is made stronger, please call us for a confidential discussion on 1300 36 20 27 or fill in this form.


When is the right time for succession?

Ideally, a Succession Plan is developed long before it is needed and refined periodically until it is executed.  But in practice, this rarely happens.

A successful transfer happens when the business and family units are fully prepared for the change, and no sooner.  Otherwise, the risks of failure are much higher.

So, what preparatory steps are required?


What types of family business assistance do we offer?

We offer 12 distinct types of assistance to our family business clients.  From the executive suite to a client’s back office, each one is focused on driving a different aspect of your business’ success. 


For straight-talking advice from family business experts, call 1300 36 20 27 or send us a confidential enquiry.