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Profit Growth

Profit Growth

Sell more while controlling costs. Enjoy new profits

Designed for organisations that are profitable but could do better, this is a programme of actions that adds more new business to the top of your funnel and reduces operational costs.

The result? More net profit.

Did you meet and exceed your targets last year? Or did you fall just short?  

This service is designed for businesses that have many of the fundamentals correct, but just can’t quite get to that next level of profitability where growth can really accelerate.  

It’s possible to think of your business as a funnel. Revenue from sales of products or services goes in at the top, and after flowing through the business, with various costs eating away at it, profit eventually flows from the bottom.

Our Profit Growth Service is geared to achieve two outcomes. Putting more in at the top and reducing operational costs to leave more profit at the bottom of your funnel. 

Drawing on marketing, management, operational and financial consulting expertise from our extensive network, we will design a programme that addresses your most pressing needs,  producing impressive results in the short term that will fund more fundamental changes, if they are necessary.

If you want to meet and exceed your profit goals this year, let’s talk. You can reach us on 1300 36 20 27.


Marketing and Sales Management add more at the top

Improving results from sales and marketing is key to growing profit.  We will typically embed ourselves as your plug-in Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, or Executive Coach to evaluate and refine your growth strategy, before marshaling the resources to achieve it.


Cost reduction reveals more net profit

Finding new efficiencies, or creating processes to lock in existing cost levels while increasing productivity (effectively reducing the cost of service or production) is the way in which we deliver more profit at the bottom of the funnel.


“They took the time to understand our business, what was unique in our proposition to the market; committed themselves to success – not just promises that it might work.

What’s resulted is a true business partnership between our organisations and an ongoing exchange of ideas and execution to make that growth happen. What I appreciate the most is the candour and passion.”

James Walker, Managing Director
Computer One

For straight-talking advice from profit growth experts, call 1300 36 20 27 or send us an enquiry.