Profit Growth
Profit Growth

Marketing and Sales Management add more to the top of your profit funnel

Profitability is a deceptively simple concept.  Sell more products or services and keep your costs as low as you can.  It is as true for a multinational corporation as it is for a company with 20 staff members.

Adding more to the top of your profit funnel is a function of the Marketing and Sales teams.  In a company that is doing well, but could be performing even better, we plug in to the Marketing and/or Sales functions to determine exactly how to lift performance, then we design a programme to bring about the required changes.

Marketing for Profit Growth

Working alongside your Marketing management team or as a completely outsourced provider, we create your programme after conducting comprehensive market and competitive intelligence exercises, identifying or helping to create your competitive advantage and clearly defining the scope of our involvement.

Coach or manage? We’re flexible.

Our team members have all held senior positions in companies like yours before.  So if you would like to give your long-term, trusted managers an external sounding board and an executive coach who will help them reach new levels of achievement, we can provide that service.

If you don’t have a long-term manager in place, but you want to grow your in-house Marketing team’s capabilities, we can manage and mentor them to success.

Or, if the circumstances fit and you need results now, we can be your entire marketing department for as long as required.

Sales performance increase

As a rule of thumb, a salesperson should be selling 10 times their annual remuneration, resulting in a 3x multiple on their income in gross profit to be worthy of retention.

Is everyone on your Sales team doing that?

Our team has worked with teams of one through to national teams with representatives located in each state.

Just like with our marketing services, we can manage your team or provide executive coaching to your Sales manager(s).  We can even be your front-line sales team for an interim period if required.

We are as comfortable in the field as we are in the boardroom or behind a desk, writing a tender response.  Thanks to our extensive network, we can even remain your single port of call for executive recruitment and selection.

Do you want to add more to the top of your profit funnel?  Call us on 1300 36 20 27 or fill in the form on this page for a conversation about how we can help.


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