Business Turnaround
Business Turnaround

How to position your organisation for long-term growth

What does your market want, that competitors aren’t doing, or aren’t shouting about, that your organisation can do sustainably and profitably?

That’s the essence of profitable growth.

Our formula for long-term growth isn’t rocket science, but it is scientific.  

To outperform competitors, you need to have an edge, and that edge comes from knowing your market better, designing your products or services to better suit your market, and promoting your profitable products or services in a superior fashion to your competitors.

It starts with market and competitive intelligence.  

Even if you have been active in a given market for years (in fact, especially in this case) market intelligence is necessary to remain close to what your market wants. Without frequent opportunities to reinforce or redefine what is important to your market you risk ceding ground to competing products or services whose providers have taken the time to listen and adapt.

Competitive Intelligence is not just about knowing who you are currently competing against. It helps to understand how to create barriers to competition that allow you to charge higher prices and make more profit.

After looking externally, we then need to understand your capabilities. We engage in one or more inwardly-focused assessments to identify existing competitive advantage and make a plan for delivering both more advantage and more profit from cost controls.

New product and service ideas will flow from the research effort. New marketing campaigns. New sales offers. New delivery of existing services. Any and all will give you a performance advantage that leads to more profit, permitting more investment in a winning formula and delivering more growth.

Before you know it, you might be in a situation where you can look at a business exit, if that’s what you want to do. Or you might simply want to enjoy the cash flows and play the role in your business that you’ve always wanted, if not for the distractions you’ve had to tolerate along the way.

Either way, you’ll have that choice.

If our approach sounds practical and measured, let’s talk about how it can help you. Call us on 1300 36 20 27 or fill in the form on this page.

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