Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

Identify opportunities to build competitive advantage in your market

Understanding what your market is doing and what your customers think about your products or services – and your competitors’ – is one of the best ways to unlock more profit.

Available as a standalone activity or part of a growth programme.

Determining how best to compete in a crowded market is a key driver of profitability. Many, if not most market sectors are served by more than one provider. So how do you carve out a profitable place for your company and position it for growth?

Market intelligence helps you identify the profitable gaps between what your market wants, and what you, your competitors and alternative products or services are delivering. Once you have identified those gaps, you can capitalise on them, sometimes for many years. 

We gather market intelligence as a standalone service or as part of our marketing and management consulting programmes. Market entry studies, new product development, pricing strategy, marketing planning and case study development all rely on effective marketing intelligence techniques.

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How we conduct market intelligence-gathering

A range of intelligence tactics can be employed to discover the answers to any question.

The trick to making the effort worthwhile, is to determine the right question(s) to ask.


The ROI of Market Intelligence

It is possible to calculate the Return on Investment from market intelligence, but there are also a number of intangible benefits to such an effort.

Discover what they are.

Case Study

Brisbane-based Removals company Enjoys 72.7% Gross Profit Rise

How 2 weeks of market intelligence made a massive change in company fortunes.


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