Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

Understand what your competitors don’t

Competitive intelligence is about so much more than your competitors – it’s about understanding your competitive environment.

It means considering broader influences and market forces so that you can maximise return on investment at every stage in your company’s history.

Our competitive intelligence services deliver insights to grow your business and lock in your gains.

No business is too small to benefit from Competitive Intelligence.

At every stage of development, understanding the competitive advantages and disadvantages of your peers in each of the markets you serve will help you win and defend business more easily and ultimately, to make more profit.

Our team can help you gain new insights and make strategic decisions with a range of competitive intelligence techniques. Available as a standalone service or as part of a Profit Growth programme.

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Applications of Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence can be highly valuable if you want to:

  • Enter a new market
  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Expand your range of products or services
  • Maintain market share against new competitors 
  • Understand what your competitors are likely to be doing 12 months from now

Read this article to learn more about our competitive analysis skill set.

Case Study

Entrepreneur Saves $510,000 by spending less than $5,000

Competitive Analysis mixed with real-world web and software development experience saves 100x the investment in our services.


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