Every Corporate Momentum consultant has more than 20 years of business experience in multiple industries. From multinational food and beverage brands to nationwide manufacturers, local businesses and micro-organisations.

We have seen and successfully answered practically every challenge in business.

But we still gather fresh intelligence every time we work with a new client.

Why?  Because markets and technologies change, every product or service is different and because the best way to increase the risk of failure is to make an uneducated guess based on “what worked last time”.

So when we deliver management consulting or marketing services, we always make a provision in the project for as much intelligence-gathering as time permits.  

What kinds of intel do we gather?  It is case-dependent, but generally falls into one of three streams.

Market Intelligence

Where your challenge relates to buyers of your product, or the external image of your firm, we may engage in market intelligence-gathering.  Interviews, surveys, user-led observations, focus groups, credentialled third-party data and non-client perspectives may all be gathered to fill the gaps in current knowledge so that we can identify and mitigate risks in making the required decisions.

Competitive Intelligence

Often partially overlapping with market intelligence, the competitive intelligence effort often takes a whole-of-industry approach to examining the options available to clients, suppliers, competitors and substitutes.  

Adding in government and economic factors and processing the available information in a methodic, guided series of workshops the business is better able to understand the likely state of its industry in 12-24 months and beyond and make confident decisions to maintain or strengthen its competitive advantage.

Interviews, observations, surveys and workshops are the primary tools of competitive intelligence.  You can read more about competitive intelligence here.

Business Intelligence

Inward-looking research into human resource or operational issues.  Often, we will conduct business intelligence-gathering when we are looking to strengthen or pivot the competitive advantage of the business in response to external pressures and we need to understand the current state of play.

Business Intelligence may consist of our proprietary approach to SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats), machine data capture and analysis, employee surveys and interviews, business process mapping or one of many other methods.

Special Note: When you combine all three areas of intelligence-gathering, the insights that are derived can dynamically change the competitive advantage you bring to your current and potential markets.  Review Strategic Planning for more information.

We take the Goldilocks approach

Despite our desire to make important decisions with the benefit of accurate intelligence, we are careful to avoid getting stuck in Analysis Paralysis.  

Decisions are not made in a vacuum and there is often not time to gather every morsel of information that would be of benefit.  That is where our consultants’ experience comes into play.  Combined with the most important intelligence, we collaborate with you to make informed decisions that reduce business risk and enable swift business action.

It is not uncommon to have two or more of our team working on your business challenge, gathering information, producing and delivering guidance and working with your team to implement the advice.

Would you like to discuss a particular challenge you are facing?  Please phone us for a confidential discussion on 1300 36 20 27 or send this form.

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