Management Consulting

Management Consulting

Achieve fast results through swift action, objective advice

The management consultants at Corporate Momentum can help you solve any number of business challenges in strategic planning, business operations, cultural development and marketing.

We do not just provide arm’s length advice. If you prefer, we can roll up our sleeves and implement it to make real change in your business.

There are lots of reasons businesses turn to us for our management consulting expertise – it could be for a second opinion, to challenge their existing assumptions, or even to fundamentally change their business. 

We give well-founded, straight-talking advice to answer any number of questions in these areas:

Strategic planning: How do I grow our business quickly and safely? How can we diversify to mitigate market risks? What are the risks, costs and benefits of a certain course of action? What changes are required to hit our 3, 5, and 10-year goals?  Learn more about strategic planning.

Business Operations: How do we drive improvement?  Why are we failing to hit our goals?  Where are our hidden costs?  When should we employ more staff?  How can we make the business less reliant on key people? What quick improvement opportunities am I missing because I am too close to the business?  What is holding us back?

Exit and Succession planning: What do I need to do to pass the company onto my children? What is my business worth and how can I multiply its value? What do I need to do prior to selling?  Read more about Business Exits or Succession Planning.

Market, business and competitive intelligence: What part of our business actually makes money? What threats to our business are we unaware of? What will our competitors be doing a year from now? Should we enter a new market, and if so, how? Is our new product innovation likely to be successful?

If you can think of the question, we can provide the answer.  Then, if you choose, we can help you implement it in your business.

We welcome a conversation about how our management consultants can help your business.  Call us on 1300 36 20 27 for a confidential discussion or fill in this form.


Powering your decision-making with intelligence

Every Corporate Momentum consultant carries more than 20 years of experience but we do not shoot from the hip.  We combine our experience with objective evidence when making management recommendations.

Here are some of the techniques we use to gather critical market, competitive and in-house insights.


“Corporate Momentum have challenged our own perceptions of our business, helped us to identify avenues for improvement and assisted with collaborative approaches on how to get there. Their regular and ongoing input has been valuable to help keep on track with our improvement processes.

I would definitely recommend Corporate Momentum.”

Kevin McDonnell: General Manager
Smith Global

For objective, straight-talking advice from management consultants with more than 20 years of multi-industry experience, call 1300 36 20 27 or send in this form.