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Marketing Consulting

Marketing Consulting

Drive profitable growth with proven marketing strategies

So, you have identified marketing as a key driver of growth in your business. But where do you start? What kind of marketing is going to deliver the best return on investment, what’s your messaging and how will you ensure it is seen in the right places, by the right people, to build sales?

Many businesses come unstuck at this point and spend their marketing dollars poorly. They fail to generate the sales and new profit they could. But with our experienced hands guiding you or directly managing your marketing plan’s implementation, you can build sales volume and profitability quickly.

With our proven approach, you’re on the right track.

Great marketing starts with a solid plan built on a mix of experience, process, insight and creativity. Without this, your marketing budget could disappear without having much of an impact.

Knowing what type of marketing will be most effective, what target audiences to focus on, what to communicate, when to execute, how and through what methods, and how to generate the biggest bang for your buck is exactly what Corporate Momentum brings to the table!

We love nothing more than the challenge of helping businesses develop their own tailored marketing plan, then rolling up our sleeves and taking responsibility for bringing it to life. We are experienced and successful at executing all forms of marketing. From social media through to video, web development, television and radio, referral marketing, direct marketing and so much more.

Regardless of the medium, the key to marketing success is building a solid plan, executing it, measuring results and continuously improving it to deliver bigger and better returns.

But if the thought of waiting weeks or months for your marketing plan does not excite you, we have good news. Building a marketing plan does not have to take a long time. In fact, we can develop one in a single day and then refine it while it is being executed. In just a few weeks, your marketing will become laser-focused, built on deep market and competitive insights and poised to deliver a return on investment you’ve only dreamt of, until now.

Read the articles below for more on how we can help deliver profitable and sustainable growth for your business. Then call us on 1300 36 20 27 for a confidential discussion or fill in this form.


Build an effective marketing plan in a day

Starting marketing without a well-built plan carries a high risk that you will waste your money.  But you don’t have to put your growth on hold for months.  In fact, it is possible to create a tailored and effective marketing plan in as little as a day.

This is how we do it.


Your long-term sales and marketing partner

Lock in long-term growth with marketing built on deep customer and competitor insights.  Once you develop this marketing discipline, continued growth in scale and profit is practically guaranteed.

Here is how it works.

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Eiffe - 5 Star
APR - 5 star
On Q - Stars
Cullens - 5 Star
HTA - Stars
C1 - 5 Stars
Smith Global - 5 Stars
Bainbridge - Stars

5 star rating

“Corporate Momentum have added considerable value to our business and we consider them part of our team. We would highly recommend them.”

Kerren Smith, Managing Director
Smith Global

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