Marketing Company Brisbane Pillar Page

Marketing Company Brisbane Pillar Page

Meet the Brisbane Marketing Company making millions for its clients

There’s no special sauce in marketing. It’s not something that only a select few can do. It’s just science and creativity blended together and tailored to every client.

The magic comes in having the discipline and experience to do it right.

These simple facts hold true for every business:

  1. The more you know about your current and potential customers, the better you can speak to their desires and fears, and even come to shape them to your advantage
  2. The more you know about your competitors and substitutes, the better you can exploit their weaknesses and counter their strengths.
  3. The more you know about your own company’s strengths and weaknesses, the sharper you can make your marketing appeals and the more profit you can generate from the same amount of effort and investment.

The benefit of taking the time to examine (or re-examine) your marketing environment is that you gain insights that are not readily apparent, which you can manipulate to your advantage.

Most of your competitors will never take the time and invest the money to do this.

Corporate Momentum is a Brisbane-based marketing company that makes millions of dollars in new profit for its clients by simply doing marketing the right way. We design and execute externally-focused research, we look inwards to analyse your company from top-to-bottom and we use the insights to create very profitable, long-term competitive advantage that underpins of all your sales and marketing activity.

If that sounds like a big investment of time and money, that’s because it can be. Multi-national corporations spend millions seeking the same kinds of insights and advantages every year.

But you don’t have to invest a lot to gain a lot.

Use our experience to fix immediate problems and start generating new profit

Our consultants have decades of marketing experience behind them. That means they can quickly see inefficiencies or wasted effort that can be redeployed to generate better results immediately.

When we start working with you, our focus is on making quick changes to easily-identified profit inhibitors. These are things like pricing issues, supply chain costs, incorrect promotional tactics, sales team performance and more. We can see the issues our clients can’t. That’s the benefit of our experience. Often, we find new profit that offsets the investment in our services, making the rest of the engagement cost-neutral or significantly cheaper.

Here’s a Quick Win that added 72.7% new profit to our client just two weeks after we started.

Once the top-line issues are resolved, we will take a deep dive into your market. Because that’s where your long-term strategic advantage is to be found.

Creating long-term strategic advantage

Here is where Corporate Momentum differs from other Brisbane marketing companies.

Rather than simply make a plan to help you sell more of what you have today, we use the insights that we gather from your external marketing environment and your internal research to make a business case for change. Perhaps it’s a new product line, perhaps a new market or a new service range. Whatever the intelligence points to, we show you how it’s possible to adapt safely and what the estimated benefits of doing so are likely to be.

By embracing intelligence-backed change, we help you find profitable industry niches where you can charge more and sell more, with less competition, for longer. That’s sustainable competitive advantage.

“They took the time to understand our business, what was unique in our proposition to the market; committed themselves to success – not just promises that it might work.

What’s resulted is a true business partnership between our organisations and an ongoing exchange of ideas and execution to make that growth happen. What I appreciate the most is the candour and passion.”


Would you like to make new profit?

For straight-talking advice from Brisbane-based marketing experts, call 1300 36 20 27 or send us an enquiry.


A marketing company based in Brisbane can provide you with a deeper level of understanding of your current and potential clients, guidance on setting marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals, awareness of what your competitors and close substitutes are doing in the market, and execution of growth tactics that can range from simple changes in your online profile through to full-blown marketing campaigns

Market Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, Strategic Marketing, Management Consulting and more.

A marketing company based in Brisbane can help you see your marketing differently.

Rather than repeat the same campaigns that might not be working to grow your business, a marketing company will start by defining your ideal customer, researching what that kind of customer wants from you, and then help you to deliver it consistently. Then they will turn from setting strategy to helping execute it, taking responsibility for putting together a marketing plan and controlling all the moving parts that are required to bring it to life.

A digital agency focuses on search engine optimisation, search engine marketing and social marketing. They may also run email campaigns and build websites and have some expertise around conversion optimisation. They are a very useful part of the whole marketing plan.

A marketing company, by comparison, takes responsibility for as little or as much of the entire marketing effort as you would like. A good marketing company acts like a plug-in marketing department, instructing digital agencies where required but also executing offline marketing activity like direct mail (yes, it still works when it’s done right), advertising and internal communications.

Some marketing companies, like Corporate Momentum, take responsibility for executing research and reaching deeper into the organisation to play a role in the evolution of products and services.

In this way, a marketing company is much more than a digital agency.

First, you need to know what you want. Do you already have a list of tactics that you want to execute, or are you unsure of how to grow? Different marketing companies have different skill sets and will fit you better if you want what they can offer. Corporate Momentum is an all-round Brisbane-based marketing company capable of addressing any marketing need.

Then you need to look for a company with whom you connect. There are a lot of slick salespeople in marketing who can bamboozle you with what sounds like amazing concepts. You might even come to think you need some of them. But the best marketing company will break down complex concepts into your own language and talk to you about how you’re going to get new customers buying in terms that you understand.

Then you need to validate your decision. Ask for references. Get them to share their marketing project framework with you and dissect it piece-by-piece. If your preferred company can’t describe how they will adapt their typical operating framework to your business, then they’re probably not particularly good at this kind of engagement.

You might notice that we haven’t talked about price. That’s because price is unimportant. Controversial? Yes. But accurate too. Because when your marketing is done right, you will have all the profit you needed to finance your decision. We often find we can locate the savings in current activities to fully offset the investment in our service for an entire year BEFORE we even produce one dollar of profit from new marketing.

Concentrate on finding the right marketing company first. Then determine how to afford the initial interaction month or two of work if it’s not quite within your budget. If you base your decision primarily on the perceived cost, you’ll miss out on working with the best.

Ultimately, you measure a marketing company based on the gross profit you can tie to their involvement. But you could also measure immediate savings that companies like Corporate Momentum can find for you, and lead indicators like conforming to the marketing project timeline, number of marketing contacts, frequency of feedback, Net Promoter Score changes and so on.

Depending on your target market and what you sell, these lead indicators could be what you need to measure for some time before the real returns start flowing.

We use a heuristic of between 3% and 5% for most companies that are well-established. If you are in start-up mode, that could be a lot more because you need to start the engine of your growth.

Whatever the amount, your marketing company should base their recommendations on an analysis of your typical client and what the average return to your business is. If a client represents gross profit of $10,000 per year, then as long as your fixed costs are covered, you could theoretically spend up to $9,999 to acquire them and still come out ahead.

When we work with clients we dive into the value of a typical client and then express their marketing spend in terms of how many typical clients they will need to acquire to offset their marketing spend. This helps you to see how realistic your required return from marketing is and makes it easier to choose between different marketing initiatives.

Marketing Intelligence (MI) is the name given to the research and analysis techniques that companies use to take stock of their competitive positioning in the market. It is a term that covers such initiatives as market research, win/loss analysis, industry reporting, mystery shopping, Net Promoter Score and focus groups, among many others.

Marketing Intelligence answers the core question: “What do our current and potential customers really want?” When combined with other core questions “What are our competitors weak at doing, or not shouting about?” and “What can we do, sustainably and profitably?” a company can scientifically derive its own Unique Value Proposition – the core of long-term strategic advantage.

Find more information here: Marketing Intelligence.

Often appearing underneath the banner of “Marketing Intelligence”, we prefer to describe Competitive Intelligence (CI) as its own key strategic concept.

Competitive Intelligence refers to those information-gathering and analytical techniques such as Industry Analysis, Product Lifecycle Analysis and SWOT Analysis.

Competitive Intelligence answers the core question: “What are our competitors weak at doing, or not shouting about?” When combined with other core questions “What do our current and potential customers really want?” and “What can we do, sustainably and profitably?” a company can scientifically derive its own Unique Value Proposition – this the foundation of long-term strategic advantage.

Find out more information here: Competitive Intelligence.

Corporate Momentum is a marketing company and much more. We are capable of financial, operational and cultural analysis to help our clients grow new profits and thrive.

A good marketing company is not a hammer.

Have you ever heard the expression, “to a hammer, everything looks like a nail?” That’s what it’s like dealing with some marketing companies. They’re digital experts, or they are sales pros, or good at coaching or experienced in one particular industry. They are like a hammer though, seeing every problem through the lens of their limited frame of reference.

A good marketing company, like Corporate Momentum, is different.

We are able to examine our clients’ current situations from multiple angles and determine all the different ways in which we can help them to grow profits. Some of the solutions are well outside the experience range of a typical marketing company. We might, for example, recommend and then help to rearrange production processes, or drop unprofitable product lines, or drop unprofitable clients!

We’re not a hammer. We are more like a swiss pocket-knife, with the right solution to every problem.

Business that can use the help of a marketing company are those that are struggling to grow past a certain point, are seeking new profits, are in trouble or are looking for a change of ownership. Each of those kinds of business can benefit from the services of a Brisbane-based marketing company like Corporate Momentum.

Marketing companies aren’t just for helping sell more of the same product to more people. A good marketing company can help you evolve your business, find savings and grow profits you never thought possible.

A marketing company can help you grow your business far beyond what you could do by yourself, in a shorter timeframe. That’s not a boast – it’s the corer reason why people choose to use marketing companies.

If you are looking to grow your business so you can enjoy long-term income stream, or you are looking to sell it in a few years, or you are in trouble now and need help to trade your way out, a marketing company is the perfect fit.

Marketing companies help their clients make more profit. Whether that’s through attracting new clients, retaining existing clients longer, getting them to spend more and buy different products and services, a marketing company can help you see and achieve new possibilities.

The best part is, it’s really easy to tell if a marketing is worth it – if they cannot deliver new enquiries and help you make new sales inside a reasonable period of time, then it’s clear they’re unable to help and you can terminate their services without any long-term issue.

Some companies make the mistake of assuming knowledge about clients and themselves. “I know what my market wants, and I know how to sell it to them,” they say. And so they leap past the research component and commit many thousands and more to production and marketing efforts. Only to find out they have some part of the marketing mix wrong. That means poorer sales or less profit or, in some cases, business failure.

Don’t get us wrong, you can still make good money offering the same kind of product or service as others. But you’re living on borrowed time. One or more of your competitors will be looking for ways to outcompete the other players and enjoy a larger slice of the market.

Read more about the dangers of leaping to action before correct diagnosis here.


Have we convinced you that we know what we are doing?

Let’s have a confidential conversation about what you need from a Brisbane-based marketing company. We are one of the most experienced, with a history of success.

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