Case study
Case study

Brisbane-based IT firm adds $6.2 million to its Sales Pipeline

Our client is a Managed Services and IT Project Services firm with 30 staff in Brisbane.  And a healthy growth target of 40% per year.

Initially engaged to produce a corporate explainer video, Corporate Momentum was then hired to develop and execute a new marketing plan for the client.

The process began with a period of comprehensive market and competitor research.  That was followed by development of a compelling positioning for the client and then the delivery of a fully budgeted plan with detailed objectives, strategies for reaching the objectives, and tactics that would bring the strategies to life.

Once the plan was ratified, we set about implementing it.  Tactics included direct marketing, trade show marketing, PR, website redevelopment, email marketing and sales improvement activities.

The result?  $6.2 million in new proposals added to the sales pipeline over 18 months.

The key to the project?  A client willing to trust its advisor and commit to full execution of the plan.

From our client…

“They took the time to understand our business, what was unique in our proposition to the market, committed themselves to success – not just promises that it might work.

What’s resulted in a true business partnership between our organisations and an ongoing exchange of ideas and execution to make growth happen.

What I appreciate most is the candor and passion.”


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